13th June 2012

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Beat 714 (Diamond Rough Mix v2)

Music by Robo J

Audio REsource by ibkellymorris

Robo J writes:

We need some EXTRA INSTRUMENTS on this ASAP - specifically HORNS, PERCUSSION, and ORGAN/KEYS!

MUSICIANS: Please refer to the BEAT 714 REQUEST VID.

And use my INSTRUMENTAL MIX as a base layer for RECording your contribution.

The deadline is very close. VERY VERY VERY close. So we need your ISOLATED AUDIO STEMS RIGHT AWAY!

Thanks <3


Please contribute to the “Beat 714” Collaboration HERE!

13th June 2012


13th June 2012


Releasing a mixtape shortly called, ” D.N.C. ” which is abbreviated for, ” Dedication N’ Confidence. “  Might change the name. But, this is just a Remix to a song I liked for a while.  Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.  I’m NEW to Tumblr by the way, SO HELP ME OUT WITH THIS SITE hahaaaa